Querying database for experimental entries

On the MP website, there is a checkbox option for choosing experimental ICSD entries (“Exptl. ICSD”) when searching for materials. Is there an equivalent tag or property to select only experimental ICSD entries when obtaining entries from the API?

Other solutions have suggested to use only materials that have an ICSD tag (as in, searching for materials in the database for which the “icsd_id” field is not empty). Is this the same as checking the checkbox on the website?


Hi @addie-nolan

There is a theoretical flag in the document that is set to true when we don’t have a matching experimental ICSD ID. This is a new feature in the ICSD where they catalog their structures as experimental. We chose to tag our materials this way since we can never say if someone has never made a material, only when we have some confirmation that someone has.

@shyamd That’s a super useful tag! Could you add this (and other tags I may not be aware of) on here as well? https://github.com/materialsproject/mapidoc/tree/master/materials Or are these tags listed on the MP documentation (which seems to be down currently)?