Quesiton about shock test

Hi Axel,

Thanks for your kind comments, helps, and supports. Actually even using
Tersoff pair-style ended up with some error as follow:

ERROR: Lost atoms: original 17024 current 17022 (../thermo.cpp:442)

yes, but that is a very different error with a different cause.
obviously, your simulation settings are not suitable for your system
and simulation conditions.
this error message is discussed in the manual and many, many times on
this mailing list.

I attached a small video of the system during loading. I wonder if you could
please comment on it.

do *not* send around large attachments without being asked. this is
rather useless in this specific case.
instead, you should spend more time researching the cause of the error
message. as i mentioned, this is well understood, so you should find
many suggestions and explanations.
just dumping every problem to the mailing list without showing any
effort to resolve it yourself will lower your chances that somebody is
providing help.