question regarding group dynamic

Please post to the mail list, not to me.

Fix wall/reflect is a time-integration fix (that’s the point in the timestep where it operates),
and is after your group dynamic



Sorry, it was a mistake.

I have already tried to locate group-dynamic after Fix wall/reflect and the result was the same. (to be sure, I also just checked it)

When I removed the Fix wall/reflect, the warning disappeared, but it did not seem that group-dynamic works properly (v_ngas and v_nbulk still different).

Below is the part of the log file attached.

log.lammps (9.03 KB)

I don’t know. I suggest you debug it yourself. You can

create two dump files each with snapshots of the atoms

in each group. You can compare them and figure

out which atoms are missing from one or the other, and

what their coords are. Then go back to your script

and see what might be causing it.