Question regarding TIP4P water without long-range interactions


I’m trying to simulate TIP4P water without long-range Coulomb interactions. In the archive ( ), you mentioned that this can be done by placing the charge on the oxygen atom and then shifting it to the M position. As a beginner of LAMMPS, I can’t figure out how this can be carried out in practice. Can you give me some examples, or just tell me where to look at in the manual?

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Woo Jong Cho

See section 6.8 of the manual. TIP4P always uses the 4th
site at the M position. The only difference in long-range vs
cutoff are the params. However, you would also
need to code up a pair_style lj/cut/coul/cut/tip4p that discards
the long-range adjustment to the short-range interactions.
This should be simple to do, but no one has done it yet.