Questions about BandFeaturizer and DOSFeaturizer

Hi Xinyu,

The Materials API (which MPDataRetrieval is based on) only returns a pointer to the band structure object, see:

You can get it to work using code like the following:

from matminer.data_retrieval.retrieve_MP import MPDataRetrieval
from matminer.featurizers.bandstructure import BandFeaturizer
from pymatgen import MPRester
df_mp1 = MPDataRetrieval().get_dataframe(criteria='Li2O',
mpr = MPRester()
df_mp1["band_structure"] =
lambda x: mpr.get_bandstructure_by_material_id(x))
df_mp1 = BandFeaturizer().featurize_dataframe(df_mp1, col_id='band_structure')

I can add an issue to matminer to make this kind of thing easier in the future. Thanks for the report!