questions about fix atc command

Recently,I learned the fix atc command. I ran the in.bar1d_ttm,then I got a lot of files ,like bar1d_ttmFE.geo and bar1d_ttmFE.MAP .From the manual ,I knew they were files with fix_modify Atc transfer output .But I donot know how to open these files.Also I want to know whether the dump command can use with the fix atc command.
I really appreciate for your help~

yes, the dump command can be used with fix atc. You should
ask the ATC developers about the .geo and .map files.


The dump command is probably the best way to get atomistic data out of an AtC calculation. The other files can be read with many plotting programs. We use the open source program ParaView. Simply open the .case file with it. You can also output text files if that is better suited to your needs.