Questions about Peridynamics in lammps

To all lammps-users

I am new to use PDLAMMPS.
My simulation is try to check the crack propagation under strained condition.
I got a question while doing my simulation.
My simulation cannot hold under constant temperature. I tried “velocity all create” and use “fix nvt”, but it didn’t work.
Are there ways to fix it?



Wei-Jie Huang

I don’t think most people use thermostats with Peridynamics.

Maybe Rezwan can comment.

For fix nvt, you want to make sure that the time constant

you choose is reasonable (e.g. 100 tiimesteps) for the units

you are using, which might be cg or si for a macroscopic



The concept of thermostat is ambiguous in peridynamics since it is a continuum model. However, at smaller length scale the idea of temperature can be introduced through fluctuation-dissipation theorem. Please look at the paper: “Peridynaminc theory of solids from the perspective of classical statistical mechanics” for further clarification.

– Rezwan