Questions regarding fix_property_atom/global

Hi Lammps/Liggghts users,

I am trying to implement a similar fix to fix_heat_gran_conduction, and I want to add a new atomic attribute called MCvalue. I have noticed that a lot of the new attributes such as "youngsModulus","poissonsRatio", and etc. don't call the add_fix_property_atom/global functions, instead they just use find_fix_property function like these attributes already existed. My question is: Does lammps/liggghts implicitly call the add_fix_property_atom/global functions when parsing the command "property/atom or property/global"? Or do I need to add them somewhere in the code? if so where?

Many thanks,

Sheng-En Lin

That’s a LIGGGHTS Q, not a LAMMPS Q,
so I suggest you post to their list.