R: Re: Re: The best equipment for MD simulations

I've a great regard for your experience and your professionalism, so I
apologize to you if I gave you the impression of being disrespectful, it was
not my intention! I insisted to ask for certain information because I thought I
had not expressed well my questions. I'm sorry for this controvery and I hope I
can get more advice from you in the future!


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Ogg: Re: Re: [lammps-users] The best equipment for MD simulations

I got upset because you called me irresponsible and you used not very


tones! I was looking for precisely the information that you have given in


last e-mail and you would have simply been able to give them to me without
raising any controversy because I say so you do not have experience on

i was only able to reply in the manner and with the level of detail, i
did now because of the additional information conveyed in the course
of the discussion. if you look through the trajectory of the
discussion, you should note that my first answer is following the
exact same direction and was quite polite as well. my recommendation
to talk to an expert off-list still stands.

the situation then escalated, because *you* chose to ignore the well
meant (and non-agressive) advice and insisted on specific details that
i explained are useless for your purpose. so if you talk about being
impolite, you have to blame yourself as much as me. i am a direct
person and tell things the way i see. i have learned that being polite
in such technical topics is doing no good good at all. polite advice
gets ignored or leads to additional (time consuming) questions where i
get asked to explain why i don't give the kind of advice that was
expected initially. being drastic avoids that.

computers! My questions derive from my inexperience but this does not


you to tell me that I'm irresponsible and that I want to throw away money