Radial distribution function

Thank you for your response.

> Thank you for your response.
> But I have a question, what do you mean by a very large N? how large?

​without the finite size correction, the limit of g(r) for large r is not
1.0, but (n-1)/​n. this is typically a small deviation.

I repeated the simulation for a large box but still did not get the same
answers as my own calculations, the values differ greatly. they don't even
share the same pattern.

​the rdf compute in LAMMPS is in use for a very long time by many people,
and it has been validated against external code many times. i am very
confident, that it is correct. could it be, that your own code is not
implemented correctly, or you are not correctly ​using the rdf compute in
LAMMPS or that you are not plotting/analyzing the output from LAMMPS

> I should also mention that I am doing this on an fcc crystal. does it
make any difference?