I place myself in pizza.py. Having obtained the dump files from LIGGGHTS with all the information, the problem I am facing is obtaining the radius in the converted dump file. The dump file I am trying to convert contains the information about the radius, but when I convert it using " d = dump("dump*.xxx") " it says all snapshots read and selected, but then for the assigned columns radius is missing in the converted vtk file. But radius is not missing in the first dump file obtained straight from LIGGGHTS.
Any ideas? 


The doc page for the vtk tool in Pizza.py says it only accesses
id, type, x, y, z from the dump file shapshots it is converting.

If you want extra fields in the VTK file for things like radius,
someone (you?) will need to figure out what the VTK format
is for that info, and extend the vtk tool in Pizza.py.