Ramp potential

No longer needed post.

What you are asking for is help with your research not anything specific to LAMMPS. Thus this is off-topic here. This is rather a topic to discuss with your adviser/tutor. It is not likely that somebody is going to step up and do your work for you.

Totally understandable, but that was not the intention here since I have already worked on this and gotten data. My problem was that I felt I might have done something wrong in my lammps script to have resulted in the unusual pattern and spread. Anyways thanks for the advice.

Since nobody here is familiar with your research, it is next to impossible to give the kind of advice you are asking for because your question is far too general and it would first be required to get knowledgeable about your research.

Validating each step and each command in your simulation is part of doing research and thus something you need to deal with yourself. If you have a specific question about a specific command, however, then it would be legitimate to ask here.

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