RDF for very different cutoffs

Is it possible to calculate RDF for very different cuoffs?

I will explain more. I used the following command:

pair_style colloid

pair_coeff 1 2 75 1 10 0 12.5

pair_coeff 2 2 140 1 0 0 2.5

compute myrdf mygroup rdf 100 2 1 2 2

However, the calculated results are all over 0<r<12.5, which means that between the species 2 2, I had only nonzero values over 0<r<2.5, and all others were zero. I want more detailed infomation over 0<r<2.5 between the species 2 2. How Can I do that?

Use more bins?
You can also define multiple compute rdf commands,
one for one pair, another for another pair, etc.



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