read_data: something has been changed

Dear lammps users,

I noticed some minor change how operates the read_data command,
I wonder to know is this a new way or there is a small bug in new version ?
Before (i built my lammps using 1feb14 documentation), say if you want to add atoms (e.g. indenter)
on existing system (which is a data file from previous simulation), so you open the data file which is something like this



in.test (1.1 KB)

the problem is that the old version of LAMMPS was not behaving correctly and you are expecting that behavior, but LAMMPS is now working consistently.

you specify shrinkwrap boundaries in x and z. so editing zhi should not result in a difference for the box sizes versus not editing it.
LAMMPS will apply the shrinkwrap condition and the box will shrink to the extent of the existing atoms (after read_data).
if you want to preserve the zhi value, you have to use “m” boundary instead of “s” (or “sm” instead of “ss” to preserve zhi only), that is shrinkwrap with minimum.


Thanks Dear Axel!