read_restart command


I have used “read_restart command” for my code according to the “lammps manual”, but the stress-strain curve received without use of this command is different from what obtained using read_restart command.

Is there any mistake in my read_restart code? Also, is the difference between these two curves negligible?

As follows, the main code as well as the codes composed of restart and read_restart commands are imported. Also, the received curves in two cases are attached.

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"Main code"

boundary & units--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

boundary s s s

units metal #for Tersoff & SW potential the metal units is necessary.


atom_style atomic

create geometry-------------------------------------------------------------------------


curve.docx (69.2 KB)

Those 2 curves look identical until well after the plastic deformation
takes place. You don’t say when you did your restart. But any restarted

run is likely to track the original “exactly” for only a few 100 or 1000 steps
at most, then gradually diverge (due to round-off effects) into a totally different state, albeit
statistically similar to the original. See the read_restart doc
page for additional details.