Read restartfiles

Sorry I forgot to attach the files. Here they are now.

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those are useless because they are missing parts. that is why i had asked to modify an example input from the examples folder. those also are guaranteed to run fast. basic rule of the thumb: if you want help, you have to make it as easy as possible to help you. at the moment, there is a lot of room for improvement.

also, “I guess that I have the most current stable version of Lammps” is not good enough a reply for a scientist (precise description of an experiment is a core qualification for doing successful research), and a big problem in case anybody looks at this in the mailing list archives, as it can be a pain to try and figure out what the (perhaps) “latest stable” version would be. this is particularly annoying, since it is extremely easy to know exactly the version as LAMMPS prints it to the log file in every run.
just run the executable you use without any input any see.


Dear Axel,

I hope to give now an answer which is precise enough. I get the same problem when I do the following in the examples directory.

I have taken the 'in.friction' file and just added under the 'dump' command and above the run command

in.friction (1.91 KB)

in.restart (1.94 KB)

in your in.restart file, you are trying to read a file restart., but that should be restart.test..
the * is NOT the standard shell globbing that matches everything, but can only replace numbers and the read_restart command will specifically look for the numerically largest value (i.e. not do string comparison with would render restart.test.9000 larger than restart.test.10000). this is explained in the read_restart command documentation.


Dear Axel,

now my issue is solved, thank you very much for your helpful answer.

Best regards, Benedikt