real number of dihedral types in DPPC

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Anyone knows how I can be sure about the exact number of dihedral types in DPPC molecule?

In fact, I used the “” to convert my psf file into lammps data file, using the following topology and parameter files:
"top_all36_lipid.rtf " and “par_all36_lipid.prm”

Now, I obtained 15 atom types, 18 bond type, 36 angle type and 73 dihedral type. I don’t know where to check these numbers to be sure about the conversion.

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All the charmm2lammps tool is doing is converting the CHARMM

representation of the molecule into a LAMMPS format.

So if you used CHARMM itself with its force field, you should

get the same 15,18,36, etc types.