reax and ffield.reax.lg

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I am a Lammps user from China, I have two questions want to consult you.One, are there the information of the silicon-oxygen in ffield.reax in the version which have released before LAMMPS 12 ? Two, you added the information of the silicon-oxygen in the ffield.reax.lg in the version LAMMPS 12, can we use these parameters to get amorphous silica? Are these parameters universal? Can you give me some advice?
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Liu qingsong

Don't know what LAMMPS 10 vs 12 is. LAMMPS versions have a date.
The pair ReaxFF doc page in LAMMPS gives a WWW site for Adri van Duins
group where you can ask them about what materials ReaxFF has been
parameterized for. We don't release lots of that in LAMMPS, b/c you
can get the parameter files elsewhere and just use them with LAMMPS.