Reax/c: problem with elastic coefficient reproduction

Dear All,

I have been looking into the reax potential for ZnO modelling. To start, I tried to reproduce the 0K wurtzite lattice constants and elastic constants of the reference paper (Surf Sci, 604, 741-752 (2010)). But so far have not been able to obtain similar values for the elastic constants.

Reference: C11=208, C33=287, C12=81, C13=113, C44=52 (GPa)

Calculated: C11=181, C33=230, C12=81, C13=113, C44=32 (GPa)

for strain increments of 1e-4 to 1e-2

I have obtained a reax parameter file from prof. van Duin and made sure that the values are the same as the LAMMPS provided ffield.reax.ZnOH. Also repeated the calculation for a morse type potential for ZnO and found good agreement with its published elastic coefficient value.

So I am wondering:

  1. How the ffield.reax.ZnOH parameters was tested against Surf Sci, 604, 741-752 (2010) i.e. for which phase/properties?

  2. Are there additional parameters in the control file that could be varied to give better reproduction?

Thanks for your help and any other suggestions.

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P.S. Used the in.elastic script file included with LAMMPS; Fix qeq tolerance: 1e-6, minimization etol and ftol: 1e-9.

Based on past threads, tried running without success: reax/c without the control file; min_style cg, sd, hftn,fire (so also without the initial box/relax); pairstyle reax; Varied the tbh_cutoff and tbh_cutoff_sq values from the control file, which gave better C33 values with C11, C44 unchanged.

I just ran examples/reax/ZNOH2/in.ZnOH2 and compared log.lammps with a copy I had from 2011 (when this example was first constructed and verified againt the serial code). Pressure and energy match to 8 digits on timestep 0 and the match is good after 3000 timesteps.

[athomps@…7878… ZnOH2]$ diff log.lammps …/lammps-17Feb12/examples/reax/Zn_O_H/log.reaxc.znoh.18Feb11.linux.1



< 3000 551.8036 -7939.3294 0 -7768.2679 -840.70849

< Loop time of 3.5449 on 1 procs for 3000 steps with 105 atoms