reg: one or more keywords in fix bond/create

Dr. Axel thanks for your input for the fix bond/create command.

This is what I want to implement,
i th type can form a form a bond with jth type, kth type and lth type with probabilities 1, 0.8, 0.8. Can I do this with multiple fix bond/create command
like this

fix 1r all bond/create 1 14 15 $R 235 iparam 1 20 jparam 1 17 prob 1 4546
fix 2r all bond/create 1 14 17 $R 235 iparam 1 20 jparam 1 18 prob 0.8 4546
fix 3r all bond/create 1 14 16 $R 235 iparam 1 20 jparam 1 19 prob 0.8 4546
run 3

Thanks Dr. Axel Iam not using fix bond/create for topology building. I am
simulating a reaction.

with running 3 simulation steps? and probability 1.0. no, that isbuilding a topology in my book.

this is a superfluous question:
i am not an input file approval service. *you* have to figure out
whether something does what *you* want, and whether it is the correct
syntax and if that is a meaningful choice.