regarding fix atc material_file syntax

I was trying the fix atc module, but there is a basic problem that I’m facing.
Nowhere in the atc documentation it is mentioned about the syntax of the material_file.
Could you help me as to how to make my custom material_file, and what are the commands that i can add in the file?

Thanks and regards,

Subham Mridha

Hi Subham, we will have to update our documentation to better describe the material file structure. In the mean time, if you look in the example directories corresponding to drift_diffusion, elastic, fluids, mesh, thermal, and two_temperature, you will see files which end in .mat. These are example material files which you can build upon to meet your needs.

Thank you. Presently that is where i am trying to learn from.
Hope you update the documentation soon.

Subham Mridha

We’ll do our best. In the meantime, please email the list if you have specific questions, but certainly for thermal or two-temperature problems the examples should cover the syntax you need.

Yes thats true. But i’m trying to do some mechanical testing coupled with thermal problem. Somewhere in the list i read that it was possible.
Also i was looking into the cauch_born examples.
So just to clarify, can the above mentioned problem be worked on with the atc module?


Hi Subham, we are currently working on making the thermo-mechanical method more robust so at this point I would consider that capability to be experimental.