Regarding Fix_Deposit command


My LAMMPS version is 17thNov2016.

Is there a command or some method by which it is possible to;

  • Create (i.e. make appear/ add within region) single atoms (within a defined simulation box), periodically/ until some condition is satisfied, that is to say periodically deposit single atoms within region.

My purpose is to see if a few atoms of the same type will cluster, within a region made of another atom type. I wish to relax the surroundings after each deposition and then add another atom(to deposit).

​I have tried using the fix_deposit command, to insert type 3 atoms in a region of type 1 atoms, at the position defined by the ‘gaussian’ command, with initial energy defined by the ‘rate’ command.

fix dep_1 type_1 deposit 20 type_3 10 79987 region A id max gaussian -0.7893 -0.7893 3.9463 1.9138 attempt 10 rate 11.5261 units box

An error message appears saying that the fix_command is unknown.

Is there some special installation/ addition of libraries for this particular fix, I have been able to locate the *.cpp / *.h files in the src folder for this fix, nor any support files in the lib folder.

Another point would be, the manual says the fix_deposit command is to deposit particles upon a surface, i this case maybe it is incorrect of to use the command to deposit particles within a region.

Could you please guide me as to how I can implement the above idea.

My Regards