Regarding lammps serial!

Hello I’m a beginner and downloaded lammps for windows and found that whenever i enter a wrong command lammps is getting abruptly exited without displaying the error message. And how can I develop skills in learning lammps??/

You need to give us a bit more to go on. What commands are you trying to run that aren't working?

I found these tutorials quite helpful when I started to use LAMMPS: They'll give you enough of an idea about how it works to start running some simulations. Beyond that, you just need to keep the manual handy. Searching the mailing list archives when you get stuck can also be very instructive.

you really have to be more specific about what is going wrong

i ran the recent lammps windows executable (in an emulated win console on linux) with the input attached to this email and it produces the correct error message:
ERROR on proc 0: Cannot open file …/data.singleInc (read_data.cpp:1463)

so there seems no weird behavior from lammps.

and the tutorials niall pointed too are certainly a good starting point.


nikita (3.63 KB)

Learn through the manual of lammps and see the correct format of
commands. See the examples that comes with lammps folder.