Relaxation problem during each indentation step


I was trying to indent the bulk Al2O3 with a spherical indenter. I have done the indentation in several steps using nested loop algorithm in LAMMPS. In that case I want to do relaxation after each indentation step while considering the indenter to be in place. And the problem with relaxation was when I did the relaxation, the simulation results looked like that there is no indenter present. So how I can implement the relaxation after each indentation while considering the presence of indenter into account. I have attached my LAMMPS inputs to this email.


Shiddartha Paul

Research Assistant

Institute of Micromanufacturing-Louisiana Tech university

Ruston, LA-71270


in.indentation (2.46 KB)

SiO.tersoff (1.89 KB)

SiO2_0_deg.lmp (486 KB)