Replying to the mailing list


This is a test to see if sending a new message to the mail list with a
cut-and-paste subject line does the right thing.




how can you tell so quickly?

the threaded mailing list archives haven't been updated for more than
10 days:


Well, it displays as a different thread in my gmail browser, so that
is at least inconvenient.

gmail gets fooled by many things and threads e-mails often wrong. it
has both false positives and negatives in its thread detection due to
including mail-ids.


The SourceForge archives are updated quickly. If this message gets
added to the same thread, which I suspect it won't, then we'll know.
Oddly, Aidan's reply /did/ get added in the same thread on SourceForge
(though he said it did not in GMail). The last time I replied to a
message off the digest (to his message from yesterday), SourceForge
started a new thread (even with an identical subject line).

I'm trying a trick on this message (sending it directly through sendmail
rather than through an e-mail client) that I expect will fail, but it's
worth a shot.