report a bug

Hello Lammps Users:

I think this is be a bug. When I tried to dump bonds into a file with the format of: bid, btype, batom1, batom2, I used the following command:

compute bondinfo all property/local btype batom1 batom2
dump 3 all local ${TIMEOUT} dump.*.binfo index c_bondinfo[1] c_bondinfo[2] c_bondinfo[3]

However, when number of bond exceeds 1 million, the dump file looks like:

1 2 7.43939e+06 7.43939e+06
2 1 7.4394e+06 7.43939e+06
3 2 7.43939e+06 7.43939e+06
4 2 7.43939e+06 7.43939e+06

The problem is the format of batom1 and batom2.


What if you use dump_modify format keyword to change the output format? Will you still see what you saw?


Yes, that solves the problem. Thank you very much, Ray.