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Dear all,
I am having a simulation box with two regions joining along a common boundary. the boundary is normal to z axis. i am maintaining periodic boundary conditions along x and y. whereas along z it is “s”. I want to apply force along the z direction(tensile force). which means i want to apply force in +ve direction on the upper region and in -ve direction in the lower region. I tried fix aveforce, fix setforce commands but both of the them can apply only on periodic boundary conditons not in “s”. I also tried fix box/relax which is also the same case. So can any body tell me how to apply force on regions with non periodic boundary condition (“s”).
your suggestion will be very helpful to me.
with regards

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The subject of this email was "request for info".
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Now to answer your Q. There is no restriction
on fix aveforce or fix addforce with respect to
periodic boundaries. They act on groups of
atoms. They know nothing about the boundaries.