Restart file

Dear lammps developers and users
I have a difficulty understanding something in the manual . I delete some atoms(so some bonds and angles and...) then after running for some steps i write restart file. And later i want to read this restart file and continue my run , now my question is should i delete those atoms again or not , because i read that if bonds are turned off they will turn on again in restart , so i am not sure what is really happening .
Thanks in advance

This is explained in the delete atoms documentation:
"If the bond keyword is set to yes then any bond or angle or dihedral or improper interaction that includes a deleted atom is also removed from the lists of such interactions stored by non-deleted atoms."

You are confusing deletion, which occurs in "delete atoms" with switching on and off, which can be done in fix shake or delete_bonds. Everything switched off is switched back on upon restart. Everything deleted remains deleted. Run a small test case to verify.


Thank you so much