Retrieving work function from MP using API

I would like to retrieve workfunction that is available at Materials Project.

For example, look at: ; here I would like to retrieve the ‘Surfaces’ table (Located above the Elasticity data) and place it in a data frame.

Can this be done using API?


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AFAIK there’s no way to fetch the data in a single query, but you can use a combination of the has and the get_surface_data method in the python api to get all of the data, something like:

from pymatgen import MPRester
import pandas as pd
import tqdm

with MPRester() as mpr:
    data = mpr.query({"has": "surfaces"}, 
                     ['material_id', 'pretty_formula'])
    all_sdata = []
    for datum in tqdm.tqdm(data):
        agg_sdata = mpr.get_surface_data(datum['material_id'])
        surfaces = agg_sdata['surfaces']
        for surface in surfaces:
df = pd.DataFrame(all_sdata)
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