Rigid--unkown fix

Dear Lammps users,

I had used the following commands to recomplie the lammps,
make yes-rigid
make mpi

make package-status,

Installed YES: package RIGID

I am sure that Rigid has been installed.

but when I used:

group 1 region upper
group 2 region lower
group boundary type 2

reset_timestep 0
fix 1 boundary rigid group 2 1 2 torque * off off off
fix 2 cnt nvt temp {T_set} {T_set} 0.1
fix 3 boundary setforce 0 0 0
velocity boundary set 0 0 0
fix 4 lower setforce 0 0 0
velocity lower set 0 0 0

Log messages:

Are you sure you are using the new executable?


thanks for your reply.
I am sure because I had deleted the previous lmp_mpi.

thanks for your reply.
I am sure because I had deleted the previous lmp_mpi.

​you should be able to tell whether fix rigid is included by running
lmp_mpi with the -h flag.
also have ​a careful look at the LAMMPS version.

most people reporting problems of the kind you are reporting have a
different version of lmp_mpi in a folder mentioned in $PATH and are
actually not picking up the new executable.
the paranoid way to make certain is to get the new executable is to copy it
to the current folder and refer to it as ./lmp_mpi instead of lmp_mpi.

​if you would be using the correct executable, you would not get the error
message you report. so the problem is *definitely* on your side.


Thank Axel,

Every time I had copied lmp_mpi into the current folder, and the lammps version is lammps-30Jul16 before. Just now I tried lammps-10Aug15, that’s OK. So maybe some mistakes have been done.

Best regards,

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