Run lammps on cluster

Dear lammps users

I have installed lammps on school cluser. I write a qsub script to submit my simulation. But it does not work. my lammps version is lammps-10Aug15, the cluster system is opensuse 11.0. Here is my qsub file and error message.

qsub file

Dear lammps users


mpirun was unable to launch the specified application as it could not access
or execute an executable:

I know I should not ask such question on lammps mailist, and I have found
serveral qusb files on line, but they did not work. So please help me out.

if you already *know* that you should not ask this questions here, why
are you *still* doing it. isn't it less than smart to do something
that you know you should not do (like touch a hot burner on a kitchen

anyway, what you describe is not at all a LAMMPS issue but related to
either the setup of your cluster, or how you have set up your account
to find executables (via $PATH). in both case, the best place to get
help, is the user support for your local cluster.