"run length' lr in lammps for dynamic of particle

hello sir,

i am implementing a model for active Brownian particle, in literature as reference PHYSICAL REVIEW E 103,062603(2021), i read about setting run-length lr…
i read Lammps documentation and found this fix command… is it ok for this
fix 1 all nve/limit 0.1

or suggest to me whichh command is suitable for defining run length in lammps for dynamic of particle


I don’t know much about active brownian particles (there is a BROWNIAN package in LAMMPS that might be helpful), but fix nve/limit is definitely not what you are looking for. Its purpose is to help with equilibration of systems with high potential energy by preventing atoms from moving too fast and thus cause the dreaded “lost atoms” errors. It will result in rather unphysical trajectories.

Please note that different researchers may have different conventions in naming properties or parameters, so it is almost never a good idea to look for suitable settings based on similarity of names. You actually have to look up the physics, understand what is meant by given terms and - if needed - translate them from one set of conventions to another, and then questions like your post won’t be needed anyway.