run stop with change in control file

Dear lammps user’s :
i try to use lammps in my simulation trought the use of reaxc package.
i have tested the given example in the reax folder and all go in the best sense.(no problem in the run)
however when i try to change some parameters in the control file the run interompted

below you can find the original lmp_control file for ZnOH example:
--------------------------------- original file ------------------------------------------------------------------
simulation_name ZnOH2_example ! output files will carry this name +
their specific ext

tabulate_long_range 10000 ! denotes the granularity of long range
tabulation, 0 means no tabulation
energy_update_freq 1

nbrhood_cutoff 4.5 ! near neighbors cutoff for bond calculations in A
hbond_cutoff 6.0 ! cutoff distance for hydrogen bond interactions
bond_graph_cutoff 0.3 ! bond strength cutoff for bond graphs
thb_cutoff 0.001 ! cutoff value for three body interactions

write_freq 1 ! write trajectory after so many steps
traj_title ZnOH2 ! (no white spaces)
atom_info 1 ! 0: no atom info, 1: print basic atom info in the
trajectory file
atom_forces 1 ! 0: basic atom format, 1: print force on each atom
in the trajectory file
atom_velocities 0 ! 0: basic atom format, 1: print the velocity of
each atom in the trajectory file
bond_info 1 ! 0: do not print bonds, 1: print bonds in the trajectory file
angle_info 1 ! 0: do not print angles, 1: print angles in the
trajectory file

It seems that if you edited a file
and the code complains it now doesn't recognize
something in the file, that you messed up the file.

If all you are trying to do is save memory, just
use the original file.