run upto

If I use a restart file that has information up to, say, time step 100.

Is it true that LAMMPS will report an error if I run the following input script that has the line

“run 80 upto”


If so, wouldn’t it be better for LAMMPS to skip to the run command instead of reporting an error? It would be nice because I wouldn’t have to comment out the line and could use the same input script that does something like the following:

do something
run 80 upto

do something
run 200 upto

If I didn’t use “upto” correctly, please let me know.


Restart files don't have "up to" info in them. They simply
store a timestep, which was the timestep they were written on.
When a restart file is read, the timestep is set to that value.
It can then be changed to any value you like with the
reset_timestep command.

I don't think it makes sense to use "run ... upto", when
the current timestep is already beyond the upto timestep.
What else does it make sense to do besides nothing
or an error? It's easy enough to check for that condition
or change the timestep.