Running Gulp Examples(Example1)

Greetings, I’m new to gulp and am having issues running example 1 from the following location: GULP - Examples. Seems to be a basic env config issue but am unable to resolve this. Appreciate your help.

Env Info:
Single Host running UBUNTU20.04
Gulp CLI version: 2.3.0
Gulp Local version: 4.0.2

Location of Gulp
which gulp

gulp < input > output
[09:02:33] No gulpfile found

I recognize that it is looking for a gulpfile.js?? but dont know where I should get this for this example. Perhaps an environment issue?

Thanks In Advance!!

Not sure what is going on here and the error message isn’t from GULP. I’d suggest you go to the Examples directory and type:


to see if that runs as expected. I’m assuming your file “input” exists in the above otherwise that would obviously fail. There is no such thing as a gulpfile.js so not sure where that comes from. I’m sure if you can find someone familiar with Unix they will be able to resolve the issue on your machine very quickly.