running parallel on windows

Dear all,

I want to run an example on windows in parallel, after installation
MPICH2 and Putting smpd.exe & mpiexec.exe in the directory according
to manual, when i write :
mpiexec -np 1 -localonly lmp_win_mpi -in in.melt
everything is working fine! (e.g: after passphrase for smpd, it run on
single processor)
but when i write:
mpiexec -np 2 -localonly lmp_win_mpi -in in.melt
does not work.(e.g after passphrase, does not run and stops! and does
not issue any error).

Please help me.
Thank you


This is a question about mpich on windows and not about lammps. You have much better chances to get help from the mpich user support. Axel