Running parallel


Can I run “ovitos” parallel ?

thank you

Hi noya,
the answer depends on what kind of parallelization you are inquiring about, could you tell me a little bit more about this please?

Some computation functions of OVITO have been parallelized in order to make use of all available processor cores. By default, these parallelized algorithms will make use of all available cores of your CPU, see also

Thank you.
Ideally I would run mpi with slurm.

If I understand your answer correctly, I can only run thread with ovitos?
So that means only one node , am I right?

Yes, that’s correct.
In some cases, trivial parallelization is possible, e.g. by splitting into tasks for individual frames. If you like, you can share your script with us.

Thank you
My script goes over 600 dmp files, one at a time. I might benefit by running it on 8 or 12 dmp files simultaneously, using thread, by splitting it into tasks (as that the number of cpu per node for me). I have to think it over and if possible I will share it.