Scattering Rates for each band and k-point

I have extracted the scattering rates from an h5 file. If I keep temperature and carrier concentration constant, scattering rates are all the same for the whole range of bands and k-points.

I am not sure if there is something wrong.

Dear Eric,
I have used the Si example in the Github repository. Then, I have used an script following you advice in this forum:

This is the script I prepared:

from import load_mesh
data = load_mesh(“mesh_105x105x105.h5”)
print("Data keys: ",data.keys())

#from pymatgen import Spin
from pymatgen.electronic_structure.core import Spin
import numpy as np

rates = data[“scattering_rates”]
print("Sacttering rates keys: ",rates.keys())
print("Sacttering rates shpae: ",rates[Spin.up].shape)

#Setting shapes
shapes = rates[Spin.up].shape
#Saving bands and kps size

#Sum over all scattering rates
overall_rates = np.sum(rates[Spin.up], axis=0)

energies = data[“energies”]
print("Energy keys: ",energies.keys())
print("Energy shape: ",energies[Spin.up].shape)

vel = data[“velocities”]
print("Group Velocities keys: ",vel.keys())
print("Group Velocities shape: ",vel[Spin.up].shape)

print(“Energy, Scat_1, Scat_2, Scat_total, v(x), v(y), v(z)”)
for x in range(bands):
for y in range(kps):

I get the same scattering rate for each band and k-point. Am I doing something wrong?