Second Annual Materials Project Workshop

We are excited to announce our second annual workshop for the Materials Project user community.

The ​two-day ​Materials ​Project ​Workshop ​will ​be ​held ​on ​Thursday, ​August ​10th ​and ​Friday, ​August ​11th, ​2017, ​in ​190 ​Doe ​Library ​on ​the ​University ​of ​California ​Berkeley ​campus. ​ ​This ​workshop ​will ​focus ​on ​open-source ​software ​tools ​for ​data-driven ​computational ​materials ​science developed ​and ​maintained ​by ​the ​Materials ​Project. ​The ​workshop ​will ​also ​touch ​on ​the ​management ​of ​complex ​computational ​workflows ​at ​super-computing ​clusters. ​ ​This ​is ​a ​topic ​which ​may ​be ​of ​interest ​to ​those ​outside ​materials ​science, ​but ​will ​not ​be ​the ​focus ​of ​this ​workshop. ​ ​Industry ​users, ​faculty, ​and ​students ​are ​invited ​and ​encouraged ​to ​attend. ​Any ​revenue ​from ​the ​workshop ​will ​be ​used ​to ​fund ​developments ​of ​the ​Materials ​Project ​capabilities.

This ​is ​a ​hands-on ​workshop. ​ ​In ​order ​to ​provide ​individualized ​support, ​space ​is ​limited ​to ​40 ​participants ​on ​a ​first-come, ​first-​served ​basis.

There ​will ​be ​an ​additional ​day, ​Wednesday, ​August ​9th ​for ​anyone ​interested ​in ​a ​primer on Python ​programming and the Jupyter notebook environment ​in ​order ​to ​prepare ​for ​the ​workshop.

Some feedback from last year’s workshop:

  • “Nice hands-on intro…I could try things out specific to my work during the examples…immediately applicable.”
  • “Good showcase of the types of work that can be done with the tools available.”
  • “Not a computational materials scientist…I wasn’t sure if I will be able to follow it. But it’s turning out to be extremely useful.”
  • “Really like the pre-set-up Jupyter server!”
  • “Pymatgen + MPRester is awesome!”

Register now to reserve your spot. The agenda and resources from last year’s workshop can be found here. An updated agenda is currently in development. Looking forward to seeing you in August!

The repository for this year’s workshop is There you’ll find an up-to-date agenda.