seeking examples how people use moltemplate

Firstly, if you reply to this post, PLEASE send your reply to me personally (jewett.aij@…24…). No need to trouble everyone on the list (more than I just did).

We are finally getting ready to submit a draft of a paper describing the “moltemplate” molecule builder software for LAMMPS. In the paper we’d like to quickly mention how other people use moltemplate.

  1. If you have published paper describing research that used moltemplate, we would like to cite it in our paper.

  2. If you have created a software tool that uses (or was designed to work with) moltemplate, we would like to call attention to it. We will cite the web page (or github page, or nanohub page) which describes it in our paper.

  3. Send us your pictures. If you’d like to share an image of something you built with moltemplate please send it. It would not go in our paper, but we’d still love to post it online. Let us know if we have permission to do that

  4. If you’d like to let us post an example of something you built online (probably in the “examples/” section of the git moltemplate download), we’d love to do that as well.

I feel reluctant to broadcast this self-serving request on the entire LAMMPS mailing list. But publishing a paper on moltemplate helps us justify asking for funding (which enables me to devote more time to working on moltemplate). And having a wide range of interesting examples how people have used it helps us plead our case.

Thanks for all the help from people over the past few years who have sent us (or me) questions, feedback, bug reports, examples, pull requests, friendly (unfriendly?) messages. Without it, moltemplate would be completely unusable. It has been invaluable and is very much appreciated.