segmentation fault(core dumped) error in water modelling with TIP4P

Hello Steve,

This is Baig from the lammps workshop-2013. I am trying to simulate water with 375 atoms using lj/cut/tip4p/long potential. But when I am running in ubuntu, it is showing **segmentation fault (core dumped)**error.

I have seen your answer about there being a bug in dihedral class2 virial section. But I can’t find what the patch is. Can you provide me some insights about how to solve this?


Segmentation fault is a very generic error message. The error is very likely somewhere else. Please check if there are any errors when running in serial and post your exact input.

Also please make sure you use the latest version of lammps.


Also water has no dihedrals – particularly a rigid water like tip4p, which you seem to be using. So, as Axel says, probably something else.



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