Segmentation fault (signal 11) Error

Apologies for a second mail but I forgot to mention some things in the previous mail. I updated to the 3Mar2020 version of lammps. I get the segmentation fault for the systems I am trying to run ( and which ran fine on the 17Nov2016 version in the school system but now does not run with the new lammps I compiled.

your output indicates that you are not using the 3March2020 version but the 2June2020 version.
3March2020 should be ok. this seems to be an issue that is a consequence of some very recent refactoring.
we are investigating it and will release a new patch as soon as this is resolved.


Hello Axel,

It was my carelessness that I used the 02Jun2020 version, the 03Mar20 version works as per your suggestion. Thank you very much.


the bug in the 2June2020 version has been found and fixed (and a couple more). there will be a new patch release soon.