"segmentation fault" when adding lubricate to pair hybrid

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to simulate a colloidal system and apply DLVO interaction between particles. For fluid effects I add Lubricate pair_style to Hybrid potential. The code works with DLVO interactions (ie. colloid and yukawa/colloid potentials) but when I add the lubricate potential, I get “segmentation fault” error. I’m using the 7Aug2019 version and you can find the input code below:


thanks for reporting and thanks for providing sufficient information to reproduce the issue.
this is a bug in the code for pair style lubricate that requires changes to the source code.
it happens, because come internal constants in the wall fixes had been changed many years ago and the required corresponding change in pair style lubricate was never implemented. it happens because you have a wall fix defined.

the required change to pair style lubricate would be:
git diff …/src/COLLOID/pair_lubricate.cpp
diff --git a/src/COLLOID/pair_lubricate.cpp b/src/COLLOID/pair_lubricate.cpp
index 4492de3cb…b6288c34d 100644
— a/src/COLLOID/pair_lubricate.cpp
+++ b/src/COLLOID/pair_lubricate.cpp
@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ using namespace MathConst;

// same as fix_wall.cpp


/* ---------------------------------------------------------------------- */