segmentation fault when using python


I am attempting to use the read_dump command in python for finding the potential energy of the system using a new potential using the 11Aug17 version of lammps. I can get the script to work when running from a straight lammps script, but when I attempt to run the same thing in python I get a segmentation fault, the first few lines of error output are shown below.

The error message only appears when I use the following command in python (when typed into a lammps script it works fine),

lmp.command(“read_dump custom.dump 10 x y z purge yes replace no add yes”)

The command also works as long as the add yes is not attached, but this is crucial in updating particle positions.

[senior:19448] *** Process received signal ***
[senior:19448] Signal: Segmentation fault (11)
[senior:19448] Signal code: (128)
[senior:19448] Failing at address: (nil)
[senior:19448] [ 0] /usr/lib64/[0x7fe2e2363370]


two suggestions:

  1. try with the latest LAMMPS version (5 June 2019)
  2. if this still segfaults, please provide the most minimal input deck for regular LAMMPS input and python script that reproduces the issue and post it here or on github.