Selective defusing of FW children

I have a WF and one FW has two “branches” of child FWs. I have a FWAction that defuses the child FWs given a condition. What I would like to do is defuse only one branch of children.

Is there a convenient way to selectively defusing the child FWs?

Let me know if anyone has an idea to do this easily.

As far as I’m aware, there isn’t a way to select which children to diffuse. One way around it is to put a “defusing” firework at the top of each branch, such that each branch checks the condition separately.

+1 to @alex 's response. Another option is to use dynamic workflows to not create the branches until you’re sure they are needed. A not-recommended option is to embed the launchpad in your parent firework and manually defuse the child you want (Reference material — FireWorks 1.9.7 documentation - see “_add_launchpad_and_fw_id”)