Setting an archived launch as last launch

I had 460 FWs that were reserved in my launchpad but not actually reserved in slurm (from cancelling them in slurm without updating my launchpad).

Anyway, I thought doing detect_unreserved would throw out all my FWs that were marked reserved on launchpad but not in SLURM. So I did that, and defused those FWs. It turned out that for some reason this action decided to turn FWs that were successfully completed into DEFUSED mode (again, not sure why?).

So now I had a WF that had many FWs that were complete that are now DEFUSED.

Is there a way to make the last archived launch which was COMPLETED as the FW’s launches and mark the FW as COMPLETED as well? What is the best way to achieve this with minimal edits to the database?