Setting rotational velocities for hybrid atom style

Hi, I'm using a hybrid atom_style, dipole sphere.

I'd like to set the initial translational and rotational velocities of
the particles in a data file to be read in using read_data. I've
looked at the manual and both the dipole and sphere styles require the
Velocities section to contain Atom_id, vx, vy, vz, mux, muy, muz.
However, when I try and read in a data file of that format for a
hybrid sphere dipole atom style, I get the error "Incorrect velocity
format in data file".

If I change the Atom_style to "sphere" I can use exactly the same
Velocities section (obviously changing the Atoms section
appropriately) and I get no error.

Is there a different Velocities format I need to use if I'm using a
hybrid atom style? Or is there another way to set the rotational
velocities of the particles initally?

Very many thanks

Sophia Wheeler

Both the sphere and dipole styles define wx,wy,wz (omega)
for atoms, as listed in the Velocities section of the data file.
Thus the omega values need to be listed twice in the
Velocities section of the data file, on each line, since those
are the "extra" quantities defined by each of the hybrid sub-styles.


id vx vy vz wx wy wz wx wy wz

This is a bit odd, but LAMMPS concatenates styles
by reading the defaults args first (id vx vy vz) and then reading
what the extra args, for each style, one style at a time.

This is documented in the Atoms section of the read_data
doc page, but not in the Velocities. I will update the doc