Sharing custom user tasks

Hello all,

is there any platform for sharing custom tasks among the Fireworks community (or is there anything like this in planning) ?

I have accumulated a few custom tasks for our own purposes, and in the future, I would like to

a) avoid rewriting stuff that might be readily available somewhere
b) make useful tasks available to the community somewhere for discussion and improvement

Our tasks are available at at, and “sharable” parts there might include tasks for

Another note: This discussion board allows only 2 links per post, this is a somewhat hampering restriction. I removed the dtool framework link above, please google it by yourself…



Hi Johannes,

Sorry for the late response. There is no community place for shared tasks, but if you have improvements to the current tasks or things that you think would be of very general interest, we can consider including them as part of the main FireWorks repo. You can start an issue on Github and a pull request if needed. The ssh tasks and improvements to ScriptTask and PyTask might fall in this category.

If you have tasks that are maybe not of fully general use but could be useful to a particular community, it is best if you can host them in your own Github repo and we can perhaps mention that repo in the FireWorks documentation. The dtool tasks might fit in this category.

I’ll see about the links restriction as I agree 2 links per post seems too limited.