Shear stress xy from compute stress/atom

Hi, I am trying to obtain shear stress xy for a small region of my 3D workpiece during nanocutting process. However, my shear strength was around 10 times smaller than values provided by literature, and the trend is not obvious. I wonder if there is any mistake done in my code.

However, my hydrostatic stress results matches the values of the literature.

Part of my input file

unit metal
compute peratom groupid stress/atom NULL
compute shear groupid reduce sum c_peratom[4]
variable s1 equal “c_shear/(10000 x 3 x 9450)”
fix 1 groupid ave/time 1000 1 1000 v_s1 file shear.txt

10000: convert bar to GPa
3: dimension
9450 Å^3: volume of the region
cutting plane: x-y

Thank you in advance.