shock & fix ave/spatial

Dear Oscar Guerrero and the other lammps users,
I am using LAMMPS (14 Feb 2014) and have some questions about shock simulation:
1.In <A beginner’s guide to the modeling of shock/uniaxial/quasi-isentropic compression using the LAMMPS molecular dynamics simulator > by Oscar Guerrero-Miramontes,we know: to track the passing of the shockwave, we usually defind bins via ‘fix ave/spatial’ command. In Oscar’s scripts about shock, I can see:

variable Nevery equal 10
variable Nrepeat equal 5
variable Nfreq equal 100

fix velZ_profile bulk ave/spatial {Nevery} {Nrepeat} {Nfreq} z lower {deltaz} c_vz units box file velocityZcomp.profile

And then values on timesteps 60,70,80,90,100 will be used to compute the final average on timestep 100. Similarly for timesteps 160,170,180,190,200 on timestep 200, etc.
However, I think time averaging above is unreasonable. And I wonder the reason to have such a setting above.

Why not set ‘Nevery=100,Nrepeat=1,Nfreq=100’?And then values are simply generated on timesteps 100,200,etc.Such a setting seems more reasonable.

Thank you very much for your answer
Best regards,

What does “reasonable” mean? You can set the averaging
params in fix ave/spatial to whatever you think is best for your

problem. If you want to use different values than Oscar,
then try it out.